Gerda door cylinders  



Gerda company operates in the security industry since 1987 achieving leading position in its field.
Commonly known from high quality doors, locks, padlock (also those anti-burglar ones) are the effect
of introduction of innovative, cutting-edge technology and organization solutions. Company pays great deal
to aesthetics and design of its products. They are constantly improved, to fulfill customers needs and tastes.Complex
offer of anti-breaking doors, locks, padlocks and closers, multiude of options and variants, as well as prefect
precision of mechanisms decide that products from Gerda company enjoy solid reputation. Professionality
of the company was noticed on the polish market and honored by many awards and prizes:

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Currently in VDS offer includes WKE-1  door cylinders.

Uncertified two-sided Gerda WKE-1 door cylinders.

avaliable colours:
– brass
– nickel